Love with the Kurdish

a Hungarian woman and an arab man's love

Another country

My dear went to another country

I really miss him

every day I think about it

our love has not yet come to an end

but I feel that our hearts will soon be one.

Thats true

I need you as Kurdish people to a country.

my God

God will ask me

Is your soul pure?

Did you love someone with a pure heart?

Are your feelings right?

I don't have to answer either.

Because God knows my heart just says Ali.

Your words

Do you remember our dreams?

You said you wanted to marry me

that you want everything with me

to pray together

to cook together

vacation together

eat baklava together

read together

I still want this

to be here with me because I love you with all my heart.

Geographically you are the closest to me now, but our souls are still far apart.

So cold

It rains and is very cold, but when I think of Ali, my heart is filled with warmth.

I need to see him.

I just can not exist without it.

He does not know that.

I can not tell him.

He thinks I'm a kid

I want to talk to him, but no sound comes out of my lips.

I can only laugh.

And that will save you.

For the first time in my life I'm in love with someone.

And this one is a real Kurdish man

my quiet Kurdish love.

Love sometimes hurt

he's gone


I think forever

I'll wait for you

and my heart is now in pieces

My angel

I told my friend, "Look how good this man is to be my husband" and we both laughed. It happened two months ago. I've been thinking since then. I never saw such a wonderful person in my life. He is flawless. I swear it's like an angel. I would show it to the whole world. But I just want to be mine.

Just dreaming

I feel very slow kissing

I feel the whole body.

I get up and realize that I'm just dreaming.

What a beautiful dream it is.

I can not really sleep

I wonder what he feels, he is happy.

Believe me Ali would do anything to make you happy.

Whatever I would give up for you if I had to walk a thousand miles, just to be in my arms.

I do not know why I feel that.

I'm ridiculous you are wonderful.

I wish you were here now.

I would love you in my mother tongue.

Once you go my heart will die.

My last thought before I fall asleep is that my whole soul is in love with a Kurdish man.

And this is Kurdish man Ali.

My Ali.

Leave me

He has been listening to me for a long time and then he is talking.

He speaks swiftly in English so I do not understand every word.

He gestures with his hand and explains it again fiercely.

I'm just looking at his lips.

I laugh and smile like a madman.

I'm glad you did not see my head.

My hands are caressing.

And sometimes I kiss his finger.

What's happening?

You think someone else I love another man

I'd love to scream in your face that you are the only man I just want to love for the rest of my life.

I know he's about to finish the conversation shortly, because he's just watching my lips.

I'm looking forward to kissing me, but it does not.

Just hold my hand and kiss my hair.

I look at him smiling

I have never seen him more handsome.

My name is telling me with a weird Arabic accent, but nobody has said so sweetly my name.

Cold outside, but he enjoys it.

In Iraq there are always 35-40 degrees.

I know you will go now.

I think I could never see more.

Suddenly he bends to me and gives a kiss.

It's two seconds, but my lips never forget him lips.

He smiles at me and leaves.

I look after him, but I can not see him anymore.

He goes and takes my heart.

What will happen?

I was prepared for everything but not for that.

We stared at each other's eyes

it takes a few seconds for you to know what's happening around him.

He does not say anything she herself

so my heart opens and I forget everything.

This moment remains ours.

When I die and I remember things that were beautiful I will certainly remember that.

If I could, I would never let her go.

I feel my tears on my face though.

Why I cried?

I do not even dare to look at you talking to me

They say do not cry

Now he will eat.

I'm surprised to see you eating a meal like European people.

We are sitting with two of his friends who I think are also Kurds.

Ali speaks so fiercely to one of the men that I laugh in confusion.

Sometimes he looks at me, but I can not read anything out of him.

Now you can finally look at all the features of your face.

Small forehead, perfect eyebrows, eyes almost black, beautiful nose and lips ...

I'm wondering if our kids will look like that you- this is my smile.

He does not look at me I think you do not like her.

This is where my goodwill disappears ... I want to go home.

He gets the food and the guy he talks to will say goodbye and leave.

Do not hold my hand is not coming to me.

I understand you want me to go.

He does not even smile at me.

We go in one or two shops, but stay indifferent with me.

Okay no problem.

We finally sit down and turn to me.