Love with the Kurdish

a Hungarian woman and an arab man's love

Ezmana ezmanên reş reş in, lê ji bo min tengahî tune ye, hewa hewa tune ye, no ramanek, hêvî tune. Bi kerema min, tengahiyê min, wek ku xwîna min xwînê, bedena min hilweşîn e. Ji bo ku ez bawer dikim bijîn, hezkirina min ... Roja çawa rojek nû bike. Min kuştî, mizgîniya min kuşt, dilê min di baweriyê de bawer dikir, ez bi dirêjahiya destên te, ronahiya te hest nakim. Min şuşt, cîhanê şikand, giyanê min şermezar kir, evîna min. Hêz, hêza êdî ji min re e li wir bi tenê bawerî, baweriya li hestên xwe, ne li gor nefsê, lê di dilê min de, ez dikim hawar, ez ji bo we hêstirên hawara min, evîna min, ya bi deryayê de, di ser okyanûsan re ji bo we, Ali...

Ali please

My love

Once you read this please don't be sad.

Because my heart now says, Ali.

I know your heart is coming soon to another girl.

And that's my fault.

But my heart is hoping and waiting for you forever.

Ez hej te dikim.


The love has no happy ending.

Our Love is also included.

I remember only the good things.

You still mean the air for me.

But you have to let you go. People think love is an easy thing, but this is not true.

And whatever happens to you just laugh and do not be unhappy.In my heart and in my mind you live and you rule forever.

I'm waiting for you.

My Kurdish lover. My Erbil. I love you.

Another country

My dear went to another country

I really miss him

every day I think about it

our love has not yet come to an end

but I feel that our hearts will soon be one.

Thats true

I need you as Kurdish people to a country.

my God

God will ask me

Is your soul pure?

Did you love someone with a pure heart?

Are your feelings right?

I don't have to answer either.

Because God knows my heart just says Ali.

Your words

Do you remember our dreams?

You said you wanted to marry me

that you want everything with me

to pray together

to cook together

vacation together

eat baklava together

read together

I still want this

to be here with me because I love you with all my heart.

Geographically you are the closest to me now, but our souls are still far apart.

So cold

It rains and is very cold, but when I think of Ali, my heart is filled with warmth.

I need to see him.

I just can not exist without it.

He does not know that.

I can not tell him.

He thinks I'm a kid

I want to talk to him, but no sound comes out of my lips.

I can only laugh.

And that will save you.

For the first time in my life I'm in love with someone.

And this one is a real Kurdish man

my quiet Kurdish love.

Love sometimes hurt

he's gone


I think forever

I'll wait for you

and my heart is now in pieces

My angel

I told my friend, "Look how good this man is to be my husband" and we both laughed. It happened two months ago. I've been thinking since then. I never saw such a wonderful person in my life. He is flawless. I swear it's like an angel. I would show it to the whole world. But I just want to be mine.